Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RAD with OpenERP

Rapid Application Development with Open ERP
  • Complete Application can be designed without single line of code using dia module of open erp.
  • You need to download the uml_dia module from the extra_addons modules of OpenERP.
  • Here are the steps for the windows to setup openerp with dia using python.
  1. For windows download the following packages
  2. Install Python 2.3.5 - Download
  3. Install PyCairo 1.0.2 - Download
  4. Install PyGtk 2.8.6 - Download
  5. Install Dia 0.97 - Download with python Plugin support see the screenshot below
  6. You must start the installation of dia after installing first 3 dependencies of python, pycairo,pygtk
  7. The module is located in the extra_addons branch:
  8. To use the module you need to make accesible from dia, usually in your C:\Program Files\Dia
  9. For Linux usually it may be: /usr/share/dia/python directory
  10. Open Dia, open a Python Console from the Dialog Menu, and type there “import codegen_openerp”
  11. Open Dia Design your Application using UML and you will have the export function in Dia.
  12. If everything goes alright you will have a new option in your “Export...” dialog named “PyDia Code Generation (OpenERP)” that will create a zip module from your UML diagram.